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People are always looking for the best deals they can find when they’re shopping, whether in the store or on virtual aisles online.
When shopping on Amazon, there are some ways you can find deals on popular items, either through their Daily Deals, Amazon Outlet or their own warehouse. But oftentimes, there may be an item you want that doesn’t have a deal attached to it or is not featured in the outlet or warehouse.
Enter Amazon Coupons @
Yes, you read that right.
There is a place on Amazon that houses coupon codes for items you might be looking for.
Amazon Coupons exists on Amazon’s website. We’ve told you before how Amazon’s daily deals live on a page called “Today’s Deals.”
If you visit Amazon’s website and click on “Today’s Deals” on the top menu bar, you’ll notice a gray bar appears beneath it.
And right next to “Today’s Deals” there is an option that reads “Coupons.” Once you click on it, you’re brought to a coupons page where you can virtually clip a coupon to apply to a product once you add it to your cart.
There’s no word on how long coupon codes exist for a product and how often Amazon is updating them.
However, you can search by brand, by product type and also by how popular a coupon is on the coupons page.
We took a look at some of the most popular coupon codes that were available as of this writing and found these options below:
In addition, there are some coupons that are exclusive to Prime members, so if you are signed up for Amazon Prime, you might be getting access to even better discounts.
If you scroll down the coupons page you’ll notice coupons available for “Renewed” products. Think of these as refurbished products. Amazon says these products have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work and look like new and come with a guarantee.
So not only are they a lower cost than a brand new item, but “Amazon Renewed” products also have coupons available for use, meaning you could save even more money.
Here were some of the “Amazon Renewed” products we saw while checking out Amazon’s coupon page.
Can’t see the products above? Click here for the best viewing experience.
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