Amazon Rents Its Biggest Ever Offices In Miami, Will Have 160 Employees Here – The Next Miami

Amazon is quietly expanding in Miami, adding new offices that are its biggest ever in the region, according to the WSJ.
The new Amazon office is the latest sign that Miami is succeeding in becoming an east coast tech hub, the WSJ wrote.
The company recently said it would allow individual teams to decide where they wanted to be located, while also allowing flexible and remote work.
Amazon’s new lease is for 9,000 square feet in a WeWork building in Coral Gables, allowing for a quick opening of the new offices. also recently leased space in the same building.
Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Web Services employees will work from the new space.
Some of the employees will be new hires, while others will be transferring from Latin America. The company is currently in the process of hiring 60 new employees in Miami, bringing the total to 160.
A WeWork building in Downtown Miami is shown below. Amazon is located in Coral Gables:

(photo: Phillip Pessar)
It’s great that tech companies are seeing the advantages of moving to Miami
What advantages? Be specific.
business friendly state, nice weather, no personal income taxes, major international airport and very close to Latin America.
Access to diverse and educated talent.
High quality of life for talent.
VERY business friendly environment.
VERY cheap electricity and high quality of water and air.
International Airport with over 100 different airlines, many flying direct flights to anywhere tech companies want to go.
NEW and highly amenitized office and housing.
And, oh yeah, it was 75 degrees and sunny when Pauxatauwnee Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
Educated talent?….oh yeah, U of Miami right up there with Stanford, MIT, Hopkins, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Tech, Hopkins, Northwestern, etc etc etc….lol
the weather, the untapped pool of young people , and the lower taxes
The best part of it for me as a landlord personally is the boost that this has given to the rents we can charge. It also helps to price out the riffraff and people who are not qualified for these tech jobs
cool troll post
Vince Lago (the current Mayor) it’s another great public servant. Great location with a nice environment. Affordable housing. Affordable restaurants. Easy access. Happy to have them in the neighborhood.
Bezos was raised by a Cuban immigrant… in Miami. Graduated from Palmetto high. Meanwhile, he really doesn’t invest much in our community.
Tech companies are welcome, as long as their movement doesn’t contribute to the rising rental prices. We need rent control and strict regulations placed on landlords asap.
Uh no that’ll kill the city faster than San Francisco, we need more development that’ll slow the rent rise.
And they will eventually move to Doral where growth is explosive and the views of the Palmetto and dump site are breathless
Midtown Doral, Downtown Doral, and City Place Doral are true urban oases. Definitely not car oriented at all.
Not sure why this has so many likes. I’m the original poster and I was being sarcastic.
Not sure why you can’t see that those areas are already urban Oasis. Maybe you should visit them instead of going to Flanigans Thursday
Damn. Can’t tell if your being sarcastic or not. Drive to urbanism is no oasis.
That’s because TNM rating system is either biased and rigged by workers there, or the system is easily manipulated by juvenile readers who must be right at all costs.
No it must be Russhun bots, but the election system shutting the door on partisan observers because muh COVID is foolproof, END OF STORY!
We understand you live and breathe what Fox news tells you, but relax and take a breath. Your cult leader is still alive and hasn’t been arrested yet. Everything is fine.
tbh I thought all the comments were just being funny and sarcastic
To be fair, the plan for Downtown Doral looked good on paper. The result… not so much.
Yeah, they have an entire 5 blocks where a car isn’t needed. Truly an urban oasis!
Doral is the definition of suburb. No thanks!
Like the man said…
Cool troll post
Doral, Dadeland and other budding urban oases need their own MetroMover systems. Those systems could connect to the MetroRail, which could give us the true connectivity that we need. Public transportation is a right.
What happened to the Innovation District?
Never got off the ground.
Simkins were full of it and lacked the funds to get it off the ground
Simpkins has purchased a lot of property in Historic Overtown. I can tell you that including the arab store on 20 Street and nw 3 ave, right across the street from Rainbow Village Public Housing were I lived until I purchased my house at 21 in 1989.
160 employees in 9000 sq ft is only 56.25 sq ft/employee. Hope they’re friendly.
They will likely work hybrid, so not all 160 going into WW every day
they’re amazon warehouse workers, that kind of personal space is unheard of for them as their head is often being crushed by your prime delivery boxes lol
Strange they would pick CG over Brickell/Downtown. My guess is they are just testing the waters for now and would open a permanent office later in the urban core.
Coral gables is great and I live in brickell.
Not if Amazon wants to expand in the future. CG is more for small professional service firms and outposts of the big banks in Downtown/Brickell. Plus, CG can be very anti-development at times. City of Miami would let Amazon do whatever it wants and that’s without discussing how far Francis Suarez would debase himself for an Amazon office.
Yet CG is home to more LATAM operations of multinationals and major companies like Fresh Del Monte and Bacardi.
Not exactly the companies of tomorrow. Besides if we use your logic, Blue Lagoon and Doral have more large company offices than CG but you wouldn’t picture Amazon moving there especially considering their HQ2 requirements. As crazy as this sounds, I could see Amazon renting out the building Mana is renovating on S. Miami Avenue. In the urban core, near public transit, a few blocks away from an i95 ramp, and has a large parking garage.
CG is also home to Google and Apple..
Google has offices in Brickell.
Coral Gables WeWork is better than the BBC location and that’s because of the customer traffic
It’s an office, not a store
Maybe Coral Gables is more aggressive in their recruitment efforts?
Brickel//Downtown WeWork location offers On Demand so it’s not too ideal for a big corporation in my opinion.
There is a critical mass of established tech companies in Coral Gables.
>Post image of WeWork sign at the Security Building downtown.
>Amazon opening an office in Coral Gables.
I’m guessing these are sales positions
So it’s in Coro Gable. Not Miami.
Coral Gables is a suburb of Miami, though technically its own city.
160 new Amazon warehouse workers complaining about everything and trying to start the first labor union for the region
Tampa tech scene>Miami tech media agenda
Miami doesn’t lead the state of Florida in tech workers much less the east coast or the USA 😂
But who wants to live in Tampa compared to Miami?


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