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The yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is a powerful gemstone that can give amazing progress if worn appropriately. Belonging to the corundum family, this gemstone is the twin of the red ruby and the blue sapphire. Though it takes the form of yellow, orange, or golden, this gemstone is known to be of the highest quality when it contains the minimum number of inclusions.The tinge of yellow in this sapphire comes from the varying presence of iron. By Mona Punjabi
-As, it is known by various names like Gururatna, Peetmani, Pushparaj, Guruvallabh, Pitman, the gemstone’s benefits are also numerous.

The beautiful yellow sapphire can change your life for good. If you are ambitious, it is the perfect stone for you. So look no further! To purchase your Pukhraj stone.

-An essence of knowledge, wealth, good health, loving relationships and overall welfare, this gemstone is known to enhance the well-being of almost every aspect of life.

-Known to improve the financial status of its wearer, this gemstone brings prosperity, honour, good name, and success.

-The stone is also known to unite separated lovers, thereby helping them embark on the new journey together.

-If you have been married for a while and seeking children, then this is the right stone to wear to fulfil this wish of yours.

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