I bought an Amazon return pallet and got over $5K of stuff – New York Post

I bought an Amazon return pallet and got over $5K of stuff – New York Post

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A couple bought an Amazon return pallet and were shocked by the amount of goodies they found inside.
Tom and his partner Moon, purchased the box online and had no idea what items it would include.
Return pallets can vary in price and while most cost around $392 Tom didn’t state how much he paid for his in the video uploaded to his YouTube account, Toms Boxes.
After flaunting his new socks, Tom dug into the pallet to see what was inside.
The first thing Tom pulled out was Anjeilo 1.2 liter rice cooker, which retail for $39.25 on Amazon.
Moon said: Oh cool, a mini one,” and her glee for rice cookers didn’t have to stop there as Tom pulled out another 14 throughout the haul.
It seemed their pallet this time was full of duplicates of many items.
The couple also got six wall clocks, which sell for $32.71, two pairs of rollerblades, one pair in blue for $64.12 and another two in black, $60.19, plus 30 sets of rechargeable keyboards and mice priced at $38.92.
Two wooden coat stands which sell for $39.25, a plant pot stand, and lots of shelves to put up around the home.
When buying returns pallets, there is no guarantee that the products will be in working condition, so it’s always a risk.
But the haul didn’t stop there, they also bagged an entire box of plant growing lights, and another huge box of dash cams for driving from ThiEye which retail for £100 each.
The couple were excited when they saw their box included a skateboard, but laughed again as Tom pulled out another eight from their pallet.
The bundle also featured an exercise bike, a TV mount, and three luxury candles from Edward George London priced at $39.26 each.
“That smells proper nice,” says moon as she has a whiff of one on the video, adding “That’s proper fancy that.”
Tom and Moon both seemed impressed by their purchase, and although they didn’t add up the total, their pallet had well more than $5,235 worth of stuff.
The couple said they couldn’t wait to try out their roller skates after filming the video and users commented on how it must have been their best box yet.
One wrote: “That must have been one of your best boxes so far. Lots of expensive stuff in there.”
“Wow those candles alone are $39.26 each! Good score!” Another viewer added.
This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.
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