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Winter's chill is thawing in many places across the country, thankfully — but allergy season is ready to take its place. So now's the time to prepare: Along with taking over-the-counter medication before heading outdoors, many people find using an air purifier inside guarantees easy breathing throughout spring.  
Try the Toppin HEPA Air Purifier, which is on sale at Amazon right now. Despite its small size, the powerful three-speed air purifier can capture up to 95 percent of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors, thanks to its four-layer filtration system. The air purifier is designed for smaller rooms, working most efficiently in spaces up to 160 square feet, and can be placed on a bedside table, office desk, or kitchen counter. 
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Although the air purifier is normally $65, Amazon has two deals on the device right now. It's on sale for 35 percent off, and if you click on the on-page coupon, you'll receive an additional 5 percent off the original price, bringing down the total to just $40. 
Buy It! Toppin HEPA Air Purifier, $40.37 with coupon (orig. $64.99);
The Toppin air purifier has netted over 1,800 five-star ratings on Amazon, with shoppers sharing in reviews that it "helps with allergies" and "outperforms" units three times its price. Many say they can "really tell the difference" it makes, with one explaining, "I wake up much less stuffy and feel like I breathe better throughout the night."
Another shopper, who suffers from seasonal allergies, shared that this air purifier "has helped so much," even though it can be a little noisy on higher settings. "I noticed that if I don't have it on, my allergies are horrible, but when it's on they're gone… we plan to get another one for the other side of our home."
Head to Amazon and shop the Toppin HEPA Air Purifier for just $40 before this deal ends. 


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