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If you've noticed that your home is short on storage space, it's likely time to start reorganizing. Whether it's the linen closets that have become a disaster zone or the kitchen cabinets that are undeniably overflowing, you could probably benefit from a handy set of storage bags
Start with the Veno Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags, which are just $8 apiece at Amazon. The bags also double as moving bags — so you don't have to toss everything you own into cardboard boxes and can reuse them over and over again. Woven from a coated polypropylene material, the water-resistant storage bags are heavy duty. They measure 29 by 13 by 14 inches and can hold up to 50 pounds of items at a time. Each bag is constructed with a zipper and a set of long carry handles, along with side straps that let you wear the bag like a backpack if you're on the go. 
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The multi-use bags can be filled with just about anything, including clothes, toys, towels, bedding, laundry, decor, and pillows. Just store them on a closet shelf, in the garage, or under the bed to keep them out of the way and out of sight. And when they're not being used, flatten and save them until you need them again.   
Buy It! Veno Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags, $29.99 (orig. $34.99);
The storage bags are incredibly popular, having netted over 14,000 perfect ratings at Amazon. Shoppers call them the "perfect" storage bags, with many noting that they have an "amazing amount of room." One reviewer shared: "For reference: I fit about 80 yoga pants/workout pants in one."
A second shopper explained that they had initially only ordered eight bags, then ordered another eight because they liked them so much. "This definitely makes moving so much easier. I fit nearly half my closet in my one bag," they wrote. Plus, they also enthused that the bags are "very versatile," noting that they could fit everything from clothing on hangers to purses and bags inside just one storage tote. 
Head to Amazon to shop the Veno Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags while they're just $8 apiece


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