This Air Purifier Is on Sale for Under $50 on Amazon – PEOPLE

If you think the air you breathe is clean without an air purifier, think again. 
Whether you're battling allergies or just have some odd smells lingering in your home, you'll want to check out the Hamilton Beach TureAir Air Purifier. The device provides fresh, clean air by filtering out dirt, dander, and pollen — including particles that are invisible to the naked eye — for less than $50. The best part? It uses a permanent HEPA filter, which means you can vacuum it clean instead of buying a brand new one each year.
Buy It! Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier, $48.99 (orig. $64.99);
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Its compact design can sit vertically or horizontally, and is ideal for rooms up to 160 square feet. Plus, you can choose from three preset speeds that control how powerful it is. The quick clean setting is the loudest but works the fastest, while night mode slowly filters the air and remains whisper quiet. Unlike other models, this air purifier can sit on a desk or dresser without taking up a ton of space and you can easily move it from one room to the next without hassle. 
Depending on how often you run the air purifier will determine how often you'll need to clean the filter. If you run it constantly, then you'll want to consider taking a vacuum hose to it weekly, but if you only run it every so often, you might only need to clean it once a month. Any handheld vacuum or hose attachment should get the job done. 
If you're questioning the quality of this machine, take it from the more than 7,000 five-star ratings that back it up. One reviewer claimed that the air purifier "drastically reduced" their allergy symptoms and several others said it works well for removing the smell of cat pee and odor from litter box areas
To best combat seasonal allergies or a musty smell in your home, an air purifier could be the secret to cleaner air. For just $50, plus two-day shipping, why not give it a try? 
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