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Including a handy bag sealer, a dual-functioning colander, and more starting at $8.
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Getting help in the kitchen usually requires a sous chef or a countertop appliance, but when it comes to smaller tasks, a nifty gadget is all it takes. 
Clever kitchen gadgets reign supreme for making cooking, chopping, and food storing much easier. And if you didn’t know, handy kitchen tools like these tend to run pretty cheap. But don’t let the low cost fool you. These cool finds will make you wonder how you ever lived without ‘em. 
So if you’re looking for products that’ll save you time and effort, we’ve got you covered. After tons of research, we’ve created a list of some of the most interesting and useful kitchen finds that are loved and garnered massive popularity on social media — all found within Amazon’s Internet Famous hub

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Everything on our list is under $25, however, you’ll still find picks from top brands like Stasher, Chef’n, and more. And if you’re ever on TikTok, you’ll be able to shop some recognizable finds, too. It’s time to make 2023 your most clever year yet.
To buy: $16 (originally $26) at amazon.com
Anyone living in a small home knows the importance of countertop space, which is why a colander that doubles as a produce and dish holder is pretty mind-blowing. The colander has an expandable design to fit various sink lengths and its lip rests right on top for hands-free washing or pouring. It has tons of small drainage holes and is heat-resistant to strain pastas or steamed vegetables. 
To buy: $8 (originally $9) at amazon.com
Countertop appliance cords have a way of making your kitchen look messy, even with cable ties. This wire organizer fixes that; just attach it to the back of your tool and wrap the cord around the top and bottom. To seal the deal, wriggle the cord’s end into the middle holder for a decluttered look in seconds. 
To buy: $17 at amazon.com
Ditch the heavy 32-ounce olive oil bottle for this stylish and functional gadget ASAP. It has a 6- ounce capacity for everyday use and works with a nifty silicone dripper that pulls the oil up into the storage tank. Pinch the top of the dripper to release oil directly into a pan or use the brush head to coat foods easily. And because you can take the head off, there’s no cross contamination. 
To buy: $15 (originally $22) at amazon.com
Even if you tack on a chip clip, unopened bags are still susceptible to letting air in, making your dried foods stale. This miniature bag sealer uses heat to close opened cereal bags, granola bar wrappers, and more in three to five seconds flat. The bag sealer has earned more than 3,500 five-star ratings from people who love it so much, they’re gifting it to friends and family. 
To buy: $17 with coupon (originally $30) at amazon.com
When running a sealed jar under hot water won’t cut it, rely on this opener instead. It screws into the bottom of your cabinet and has a grippy V-shaped mouth that smoothly unscrews every jam, pickle, or salsa jar in your kitchen. The secret is the carbon steel teeth that safely clasp onto the lid without shredding it. The jar opener is loved by thousands including those with arthritis or other joint issues. And it’s on sale plus has a coupon to give you a double discount.
To buy: $19 at amazon.com
Another smart way to pour out pasta water is this unique strainer. It’s designed with two clips to attach to the pot and has a high perforated barrier that prevents noodles or vegetables from spilling out into the sink. Made of silicone, the strainer can handle heat up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and is flexible enough to fit small bowls and Dutch ovens. 
To buy: $15 with coupon (originally $20) at amazon.com
We love our kitchen knives at Food & Wine, but if you’re in a time crunch, a pair of multipurpose herb scissors might be up your alley. The scissors have a multi-blade construction to swiftly cut parsley, chives, and cilantro and come with a protective sheath that has a comb edge to push excess herbs out onto the cutting board. 
To buy: $20 (originally $27) at amazon.com
Another chopping hack is this mini food processor that makes delicious salsa and guacamole without the need of batteries or plug outlets. This pick from Chef’n has three sharp blades inside to chop the food inside — all you have to do is pull the attached handle to get it started and viola! Ready-to-eat dips for the taking. You can even serve hummus and salsas in the same bowl since the blades are removable. 
To buy: $15 with coupon (originally $26) at amazon.com
Wrestling with your foil wrap when trying to tear off a piece? It happens, well, until now. This bamboo wrap organizer gives your foils and plastic wraps in one place and has a little slit for easy access to them. The best part? It has a slide cutter. That means you’ll have a straight cut without the hassle. And it’s just $15 right now at Amazon.
To buy: $16 (originally $24) at amazon.com
Stasher Bags have gained the seal of approval from Food & Wine editors because they’re great for storing produce and leftovers, but did you also know that they’re great for cooking, too? Made with durable silicone, this mid-size bag can also steam broccoli and sous vide steak. And unlike the brand’s classic sandwich bag, this pick can stand upright, so you can eat lunch at work from it before collapsing it, taking up little to no space. 
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