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Reset your look with these highly-rated wigs.
No matter if you want to try a look before fully committing, are facing hair loss or just feel most like yourself when sporting one, the reasons to wear a wig are as endless as wig options. Even the most devout hair lovers might have a hard time discovering a wig that’s right for them, while still checking off all of their other wants and needs. The reality is that wigs are anything but straightforward and finding one that fits your style (and budget!) can be a massive undertaking, especially when shopping for wigs online.

Our beauty pros vetted user reviews on Amazon and worked with Tamika Gibson, a certified wig maker and professional cosmetologist, to curate this list of gorgeous synthetic and human hair wigs in a diverse range of styles and colors. We recommend that, in your initial research, consider the wig’s composition, as they range from synthetic hair (man-made plastic fibers) to human hair wigs made with donated hair. From beach waves to short, chic bobs and funky colors, consider boring hair days a memory from the past.

You can read more about how we chose the best wigs on Amazon — plus everything you need to know about how to shop for a wig — at the end of this guide. Looking for more ways to level up your hair game? Check out our guides to the best hair products, how to make your hair grow fast and how to fix damaged hair.
With more than 10,000 reviews, this highly loved wavy bob wig comes in 16 different hair colors and styles. “The color is phenomenal, like a natural auburn with highlights,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The wave pattern also looks natural.” The breathable net cap supports comfort, while the hair itself is soft and durable, allowing for the wig to be worn for many years to come. The great quality hair, combined with its wide range of color and length choices, makes it a standout choice — though it does lack a clear middle part.
Priced under $30, there is so much value in this wig — it’s a pre-styled, synthetic lob that features a middle part and highlights, as well as a breathable net and side pads. Talk about a steal! One reviewer couldn’t get enough of its natural look and purchased it three times. “I have received so many compliments while wearing it,” writes one reviewer, while another user commented on its lightweight and great color, saying, “it feels comfortable on my head, and unlike other wigs, it wasn’t scratchy.” However, some reviewers expressed concern regarding how long the wig would last.
Unprocessed Brazilian human hair makes this wig a higher quality than most. “It sheds some, but not an unbearable amount. It’s a great wig for the price,” says an Amazon reviewer. “Actually, this is my second time buying this one. The first lasted for about two years.” To further maximize its quality and longevity, the brand recommends washing to minimize static electricity.
This stunning blonde hair is a lace front wig, meaning “it has lace at the front top half of the head and the hair is hand-tied,” explains Tamika Gibson, a certified wig maker and professional cosmetologist. “This wig is gorgeous. For the amount of money spent, I couldn’t have asked for a better lace front,” said one reviewer. Not to mention, many others commented on its excellent and effortless fit. Though others noted it easily tangles, due to its long length.
If you’re looking for a fuller look, consider your wig search complete, as you can choose from 14 to 20 inches. Though it’s pricey, you’re getting a lot of hair! “The color was perfect,” writes an Amazon reviewer. “The lace took very well when I bleached it [and] the lace melted nicely.”
Though synthetic, this brown wig with caramel highlights and a straight layered design looks natural. Depending on your head shape, you might find the wig to be too thick, like one reviewer. “The wig is nice and a very good price, but too much hair on it looks unrealistic and very bulky looking,” they commented. Nonetheless, another reviewer noted that “the hair is very easy to manage,” adding that they “can’t say anything negative about this wig.”
Coming in six different lengths, this headband wig is luscious and full from the top to bottom. Plus, you can perm, dye, straighten or bleach it as you like, though one reviewer noted that when washing the wig there was slight shedding. According to Gibson, with a headband wig, you can leave some of your natural hair out in the front, even your edges, and lay it on top. “It’s made for a quick look and for someone who wants their natural hair to be shown,” she explains.
With 4.5 stars and more than 2k reviews, this purple wavy wig is a bold statement piece loved by all. A GH beauty writer purchased it for Halloween and attests that it can last many years before fraying. Impressed by its quality and length, she even bought it in the light blue color too. However, she did notice that the bangs needed some shaping, due to their slightly short and choppy length.
Made of human hair and in a natural black color, this wig will sit effortlessly on your head. Most reviewers noted the exceptional quality and found it surpassed their expectations. “[It’s] very soft and tangle free,” says one reviewer. Meanwhile, another voiced that they will be ordering it again, saying, “the hair is soft and full… Overall I would/will order [it] again.”
It’s lightweight, comfortable and feels great with little shedding,” exclaims one Amazon reviewer. Not to mention, this wig comes in 11 different blonde variations, though some attested that the ash blonde isn’t true to the image shown. If blonde isn’t your preferred color, the wig also comes in auburn and different shades of brown.
If you’re longing for comfort, look no further as this wig has a rubber band that can be adjusted in size, as well as four combs that can help to safely secure its placement. Made of human hair, you can apply heat as desired. “The hair is really good for the price,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Little to no shedding and styled nicely. All I did was bleach the knots and plucked and it was perfect!” However, others noted the hair was slightly too thin.
The new 360 HD transparent lace wig is soft and durable. It is comprised of four combs, 100% human hair and adjustable straps. The length ranges from 18 to 30 inches. Plus, it is easy to dye and can be curled or restyled. “The lace was giving scalp and it holds heat very well,” said one reviewer. “10/10 would get again.”
With a closure that’s four inches across and four inches deep, you’ll be able to style your hair in many different ways. Made of human hair, it can be dyed, curled and more. “I love the hair and color,” wrote one reviewer. “The only thing is it did have a slight smell.” However, another reviewer noted that the smell went away upon initial wash.

Too nervous to commit to a pixie cut? That’s why you should try this Amazon wig instead. It’s lightweight and if adjusted to the right size, it can be worn all day. “I really like this wig and have gotten a lot of compliments on it,” said one reviewer. “Some have even thought I was my real hair… I can wear it all day with ease and it styles very nicely with product.”
Coming in 23 different colors, this wig uses a breathable rose net, which makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. Not to mention, there are two adjustable straps inside the wig to help to suit different head sizes. One reviewer noted that “the ends are just very brittle and feel like hay,” but resolved this through basic trimming.
To find the best wigs, the beauty pros at Good Housekeeping vetted reviews and ratings on Amazon to provide a honest, trustworthy recommendations from brands and reviews we trust. Additionally, we consulted Tamika Gibson, who provided industry insight on how to choose the best wigs on Amazon. Industry experts help to provide necessary context, like what to look for when shopping for a wig, as well as any product recommendations, which are shaped by their many years of personal and professional experience in the field.
✔️ Wig construction: “[Look for] a wig that has small knots and thin lace, so it will be easy to blend to your skin, says Gibson. “The hair [should be] full, starting at the roots down to the ends.”
✔️ Lace quality: “Lace” is a mesh or lace fabric that is sewn into the wig’s hairline or cap. If the lace is thick then it’ll be more difficult to melt into your hairline, appearing unnatural. “Thick lace [is] hard to blend to look natural,” says Gibson.
✔️ Hair quality: “Red flags when shopping for wigs would be thin hair, red or orange strings, which are known as plastic fillers to make the wig fuller,” says Gibson. The fillers are used in the manufacturing process to hold the lines during the weaving process, but often they might purposefully be left in to add extra hair weight.
✔️ Fit: “When shopping for a wig you should look for one that fits your head,” explains Gibson. If you’re new to the wig world, consider shopping for a closure wig, which gives the illusion that your natural hair is growing from your scalp. “It requires less maintenance and is easier to blend since it’s less lace,” Gibson says.
✔️ Style: Gibson also suggests that in order to determine the best wig for you, consider the type of hairstyle you want to wear, as well as your lifestyle and hair needs.

Most wigs can last a long time if properly cared for and maintained. Similar to how your natural hair requires daily upkeep, so do wigs. The type of wig you have might result in different care practices so it is always important to read any instructions or tips from the brand in order to best manage your wig. Here are some general rules of thumb:
✔️ For human hair wigs, wash with shampoo and conditioner.
✔️ For synthetic wigs, you can use a gentle wig-safe shampoo and then spritz with a leave-in conditioner once the hair is fully dry.
✔️ Use sulfate-free hair products.“I recommend staying away from alcohol-based and sulfate hair products,” says Gibson. These types of products can compromise the quality of hair.
✔️ Carefully store the wig. After you have cleansed your wig, make sure the wig is fully dry and then consider your options. You can keep it in a satin bag to keep it frizz-free, or utilize a wig head which helps to keep the shape and style.
Tamika Gibson is a celebrity stylist with more than 20 years of professional wig and cosmetology experience. She provided her unique industry insight in order to make accurate recommendations on the best wigs to buy on Amazon.
This article was written by Marielle Marlys, a beauty freelance writer and former beauty intern at Good Housekeeping, who has interviewed many licensed cosmetologists and beauty experts throughout the duration of her career as a beauty writer. She has covered a range of topics, including easy hairstyles for a wedding to gorgeous money piece hair highlights to try, and more. She interviews top experts in the industry and vets products to ensure accurate, trustworthy recommendations.


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