Amazon deliveryman falls into 'scary' septic tank, gets trapped: 'The walls are caving in on me' – New York Post

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Someone’s having a crappy day … literally.
In a viral TikTok video that’s racked up more than 8 million views, an Amazon employee named Charles chronicled his journey after he fell into a septic tank while trying to deliver a package.
Charles, who goes by the username @dovahkiin0103 on the app, documented the disturbing saga in three parts. He labeled the series a “s-tty situation.”
In the first video, Charles explained that he was walking past a hole in the ground while trying to make a delivery at the customer’s home when it subsequently collapsed — and took him down with it.
“I’m, like, 6 feet down, and I tried using these roots around me to get out, and it just pulled more dirt on top of me, so I just called dispatch,” Charles said from the deep-looking dirt hole.
WARNING: Graphic language
Walked past a hole while delivering to a customer’s house when it collapsed and took me with it! #baddayatwork #amazondspdriver
He then explained that the walls were “caving in” on him.
In the second update, Charles relieved viewers by sharing that the fire department was on their way to do him a solid — but it didn’t mean he was out of the woods just yet. He panned his camera to show himself submerged in gray-tinted waste.
“I’m standing in knee-deep sludge, piss and s–t, pretty sure,” Charles said. “I really do not want to die in someone’s f–kin’ whatever you call these things.”
Falling into a septic tank is quite dangerous, and surface waters can be contaminated with pathogens, such as E. coli and chemicals, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Charles said he hoped Amazon didn’t make him finish his route — an answer he revealed in the grand finale clip. When he fell, he still had about 100 stops left in his shift.
“Unfortunately, the answer for me was, yes — I guess I’m too nice,” Charles said in his third and final video, where he showed the remaining packages left in his truck. “They already sent someone to take 50 packages off me, so that’s cool.”
The delivery driver was eventually rescued by the fire department — with an ambulance and even a helicopter on hand to assist, he said. They dug him out of the hole by tossing him a ladder.
“The fire chief told me that was a dangerous situation I was in, and I probably didn’t realize how dangerous it was, ’cause when he got there he said, ‘Don’t move.’”
#amazondspdriver #baddayatwork
Afterward, he said he went home to take a “quick shower,” change clothes and finish his deliveries.
In the comments section of his posts, viewers seemed to be extremely concerned for the Amazon driver and just couldn’t hold it in.
“You should get blood work done to make sure you didn’t contract hepatitis or so other waste borne illnesses,” one user urged him after his last video.
Another wrote: “Please file a work comp claim and seek medical treatment to be sure you’re not exposed to something.”


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