Amazon has 4K digital TV antennas on sale right in time for the NFL … – SFGATE

Why pay for streaming when you could just use digital tv antennas?
Let’s face it – who wants to pay for cable TV these days? With all the streaming services out there, you’d be silly to pay for basic cable anymore. And if you don’t want to get a streaming service, you can just get affordable digital TV antennas to pick up the standard channels. To do this, head over to Amazon and grab a Fowod HD Digital TV Antenna for just $18.99 while it’s 37% off.
Fowod HD 4K Digital TV Antenna – $18.99 ($11.00 off; originally $29.99)
With an antenna like this, you’ll be able to receive all of your local channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, Univision, and more. A major perk about these channels is that you’ll get access to your local news and sports. Right now with the NFL Playoffs underway and the Super Bowl just around the corner, you’ll be able to tune into every game without paying a penny over the purchase price of this antenna.
Even though it’s an antenna, this bad boy provides 4K UHD if your TV supports it. This is possible thanks to its ability to receive uncompressed 1080p and 4K signals which it can then broadcast to any brand HDTV. It comes with a 10-foot cable so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect spot for it, and its 50-mile range can pick up a signal even if you’re out in the country.
So whether you’re looking for some new TV options at home, or you want to take your entertainment with you on the go, visit Amazon today and get your hands on a new Fowod HD Digital TV Antenna for less than $20.


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