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Amazon announced it has made some changes with regard to the e-books purchased via the Kindle Unlimited program. As per the new scheme of things, downloading Kindle Unlimited e-books from the Manage Your Content section via USB has been disabled. Rather, such titles will henceforth have to be transferred wirelessly to Wi-Fi enabled Kindle device or via the Kindle app but cannot be downloaded or transferred via USB. This, as the site TheEbookReader stated comes on the back of an earlier move that had done away with the option to download samples.
Many believe this could lead to the complete removal of the USB download option as a whole in the not-too-distant future. This can also be seen as part of Amazon’s greater struggle to prevent anyone from removing the DRM from purchased Kindle e-books. As things stand at the moment, Amazon already isn’t allowing the Kindle for PC and Mac apps to download newer titles in older formats where removing the DRM would be relatively easy. No wonder, many have also started to speculate if removing DRM would at all be feasible in the future.
In such a scenario, maybe it would be a good idea to keep a backup of all your Kindle titles on your PC or a compatible storage medium while Amazon is still hanging on with the AZW format. Once everything is transitioned to the KFX format, it could become impossible to break the DRM.
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