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Ian Burton ordered a $1,600 iPhone on Amazon. When the package arrived, he signed for it. He opened the box and found dog food inside, not a phone. He contacted Amazon and informed them of the mix-up. Amazon told Burton that since he signed for the package, he was now the proud owner of a $1,600 package of dog food.
But Amazon had a change of heart after BBC’s You and Yours program learned of the story and approached Amazon for an explanation.
From BBC:
Within minutes of being contacted by You and Yours, Mr Burton received a call from a representative of Amazon who apologised for the situation.
They promised they would be conducting a “comprehensive review to identify any areas of improvement” with the findings sent “to the appropriate leadership team”.
The money was refunded to Mr Burton’s account the following day.
An Amazon spokesperson told the BBC: “We’ve contacted Mr Burton directly, apologised and processed a full refund.”
Consumer David McClelland told BBC that “when consumers order high-value items from Amazon, they film the packaging for any signs of tampering, and film themselves opening it.”
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