Best Amazon Couches from Stone & Beam and Rivet Amazon Brands – Harper's BAZAAR

New year, new couch.
When someone truly loves style, that focus radiates far beyond the closet. Every part of a place, space, and day is ripe with chances to add in an aesthetically pleasing element—and when it comes to furniture, there’s the added benefit of having a visually appealing piece that’s actually practical. To wit, you pretty much need a couch. Why not have it be one that gives you the same frisson of joy as a perfectly cut jacket or beautifully draped dress?
Long or short, extra-deep or just right, variety is the name of the shopping game. And while there’s never a shortage of spots to look for a new couch, nowhere could be quite as convenient as Amazon.
The e-commerce king has made a serious impression in the furniture industry with two of its private labels—Rivet and Stone & Beam—both of which are characterized by clean, classic lines and quality that’s earned a respectable number of five-star reviews.
Here, five that we wouldn’t mind coming home to.
A wooden base and dark metal legs give this low-slung option a masculine, downtown feel. It’s still plenty plush, though—the pillows are down-filled for a cushy landing.
Classics are classics for the endurance they’ve shown: These are styles that looked at home decades ago and will fit in for decades to come. Chief amongst them is this tufted silhouette, making investing in one a no-brainer.
Outfit a smaller space with a loveseat like this surprisingly roomy option. Its shorter length makes it ideal for apartments, corners, or rooms otherwise low on square footage. The allover upholstery helps it still look substantial.
Long lines, neat bolster pillows, and a long bench cushion all make this a design classic. It’s got enough personality to make a statement but is totally comfortable playing second fiddle to an amazing fashion moment.
Fashion lovers know it’s all about the details, and that maxim includes furniture. The wood trim squaring off the sides of this pick is the kind of simple-but-noteworthy touch that makes a difference.


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