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If you’re shopping for everyday household needs on Amazon, this sale gives you money back.
We all need household items such as laundry detergent, toilet tissue and floss to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. If you need items that you’d shop for anyway on Amazon — from household and health to baby and beauty care products — here’s a deal that gives you credit to use in the future. When you spend $80 on P&G products, you get a $20 credit using the promo code PGSTOCKUP at checkout.
When you spend the required $80, you’ll get your promotion credit via email. From there, you have until Dec. 31 of this year to use it.
On sale are brands you know and love, many of which you probably have in your home. Buy a 16 roll count of Bounty paper towels for $40. Get Tide Pods free and gentle laundry soap for $21 if you need laundry soap for sensitive skin. And don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper from Charmin. A 24-family mega rolls pack is $32 if you clip the on page coupon for tissue that equals 123 regular rolls.
Other deals include a Dawn dish soap bundle for $19, Cascade Platinum Plus detergent pods for $20 and Gain laundry bundle for $31.
For the entire sale, head over to Amazon for more.
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