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24 January,2023 04:05 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Glantor X is a renowned news platform which is highly regarded for its way of presentation. It is India*s leading source of Junk-free news, opinion, political, business, sports and lifestyle content. It intends to report, educate and entertain the people, regardless of their age or gender. In this digital era, getting access to unadulterated, real, junk-free news is important and people deserve it. This is the prime intention behind the establishment of Glantor X. Their motto, “Real News sells itself” justifies their growth and reputation.
It is widely recognized for its philanthropic activities in the society. It is considered as the role model for numerous companies in the industry for its social campaigns and altruistic initiatives. Amongst one of its initiatives, Glantor X took the initiative to identify the pioneers and torch-bearers who took it upon their shoulders to take initiatives and lead the way for people and honoured them with the title, ‘Glantor X Future Leaders 2023*. It is brave of them to attempt to break the loop and take the responsibility of guiding and providing for the people.
Such people are honored with the ‘Glantor X Future Leaders 2023* and they are Kanishk Agrawal, Sayendra Basu, Ankur Sood, Pukhraj Sethiya, Dr. Jacob Das, Dr. Nitin Dumasia, Dr. Kunal Banka, Vivek Nathwani, Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, Nishi Singh, Sathish Sampath, Lingam Sai Charan, Reshma Mehta, Dr. Chandrashree Kulkarni., Anshumman Joshi, Dr. Shyamohan Rajamohan, Monika and Vinaykumar, Karishma Khemani, Dr. Jinal Joshi, Alisha Madhok Walia, Dr. Ayush Garg, Shivani Singh Deo, Dr. Ramchander Swami, Suparna Deshpande, Merlin Mary Dominic, Jagruthi Bhatt, Shreya Khanna, Ramya Rajagopal, Razi Khan, Prof. Soujanya Pudi, Shinde priyanshu, Rashi Roop Laxami, Abhijit Tripathy, Veerababu M, Dr. Dibyajyoti Likhok, Smita Y Sawdadkar, Pranav Rao, Shafi Ullah Khan, K. Joseph


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