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A MIDSIZE woman has shared her shopping haul with her followers and says the dresses she found were affordable and made her feel way too confident.
Bonnie Wyrick is a size 14/16 and creates content on her TikTok centered on fashion for people her size.
She jokingly made a video of dresses she “regretted” buying from Amazon and explained her reasoning.
For context, she explained that she has a pear-shaped body type with an “apron belly” and thick thighs.
The first dress was a slightly off-shoulder, white gown with a slit in the skirt and tie around the waist.
“This sweater dress has the most flattering neckline and I receive too many compliments," she quipped.
Next was a black dress with a plunging neckline that Bonnie described as being “too comfortable and versatile.”
“I hate that it’s so affordable yet looks expensive,” she joked. 
She also revealed a glitter dress that she said makes her too happy and she “hates how this dress hugs my curves.”
Next was a pink dress with puffy sleeves that Bonnie says she feels “way too confident” in.
“Now only is it stretchy and sassy but the neckline is too cute."
There was also a brown dress that Bonnie said looked identical to one she spent three times the money on.
Then a light pink dress that she said looked amazing with her skin tone.
“This dress is too perfect, I don’t deserve to wear it.”
The last dress was an emerald one with spaghetti straps.
“I hate how confident this dress makes me,” she said. 
“How snatched my waist looks and how it hugs every curve.”
Bonnie received several comments from viewers complimenting her.
“SO WRONG OF THEM THAT [sic] MAKES A DRESS THAT LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU,” wrote one viewer with multiple heart-eye emojis.
“That pink one looks divine!! That is your colour!” wrote another person.
Some viewers didn’t get the joke, however, with one person writing: “You hate the glitter one, and yet I think it looks stunning on you!”
“Oh, it’s all supposed to be sarcastic,” Bonnie replied. “Like I hate how good I feel in all of them.”
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