New Movies + Shows To Watch This Weekend: Amazon Prime Video's 'Night Sky' + More – Decider

New Movies + Shows To Watch This Weekend: Amazon Prime Video's 'Night Sky' + More – Decider

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It’s shaping up to be a glorious, hot weekend in many parts of the country, but if the heat it too intense for you, the next best thing is to curl up in the AC with a great new show or movie. If you’re not sure what to watch, whether you use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or all of the above, there are a ton of high-quality movies and shows hitting your favorite streaming platforms this weekend to cool you off. Whether you want a slow-building drama or a raucous comedy, let us here at Decider help you figure out what to watch this weekend and where to stream it.
The the biggest titles to watch this weekend feature some of the best actors around. If you want a mystery of galactic proportions, check out Night Sky on Amazon Prime Video. Starring Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons, the eight-episode series will provide the perfect binge this weekend. On Netflix, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of their pals are back for even more jackassery with Jackass 4.5, a film that was born out of all the extra footage they shot for Jackass Forever. And on Hulu, there’s The Valet , a comedy film starring the beloved Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez as a Los Angeles valet who finds himself caught up in a celebrity PR nightmare and has to pose as an actress’s boyfriend to protect her reputation. Want to know more about these highlights and the rest of the stellar weekend lineup? Check out the rest of the hit titles new on streaming this weekend below:

New on Prime Video this weekend is Night Sky, the highly-anticipated new original Amazon series starring J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek as an aging couple in a rural town with a seemingly mundane existence… Except that they have a shed in their yard that allows them to travel into space when they enter it. How and why this portal exists is the central mystery, and the show’s intriguing buildup hinges on the great performances of the two stars.
Stream Night Sky on Prime Video
Jackass Forever has often been reported as being the last Jackass film that Johnny Knoxville and Co. will make, on account of their old, aging bodies not being able to take much more abuse. But, anticipating that, they’ve taken all the unused footage from that film and cobbled together another one, Jackass 4.5, which is new on Netflix this week. Not interested in watching grown men writhe in pain? Check out any of the other top new movies on Netflix this month instead!
Stream Jackass 4.5 on Netflix
The Valet, which is new on Hulu this Friday, is a remake of a 2006 French comedy of the same same, in which an unwitting valet (Eugenio Derbez) is photographed by paparazzi with a Hollywood starlet (Samara Weaving) and her married lover. To protect her reputation, the actress hires the valet to pretend he’s actually her boyfriend, and… something tells me hijinks will ensue.
Stream The Valet on Hulu
The options above only scratch the surface, so you know that this weekend’s full lineup will have amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full breakdown of the best movies and shows to stream now, or if you’re still undecided on what to stream this weekend, then check out the complete list below:
A Perfect Pairing *NETFLIX FILM
Insiders: Season 2 *NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes weekly)
Rodrigo Sant’Anna: I’ve Arrived *NETFLIX COMEDY
The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib *NETFLIX FAMILY
The G Word with Adam Conover *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
Ben Is Back
Jackass 4.5
Love, Death & Robots: Volume 3 *NETFLIX SERIES
Wrong Side of the Tracks *NETFLIX SERIES
One Piece: New Episodes
American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story (2021)
The Valet (2022) (Hulu Original)
LOL: Si te ríes, pierdes (2022) *Amazon Original Series
Night Sky (2022) *Amazon Original Series
Troppo: S1 (2022) (Freevee) *Freevee Original
Identidad Tomada, 2020 (HBO)
Fast Foodies, Season 2
Gaslit – Episode 105
Piranha (2010)
A Haunted House
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