NJ Man Discovers Kitchen Knife Sticking Out of His Amazon Package – NBC New York

A New Jersey man received a bizarre Amazon delivery — it was exactly what he paid for, plus an unexpected item with his package that prompted him to call police.
The order for Jason Dwyer was very simple: a box of raisins. It arrived on time, but it included something the customer did not order and left the West New York man speechless after he found it.
A sharp kitchen knife was sticking right out of the package — a risk to anyone picking it up.
“If your objective is to scare somebody, you might have nailed that one,” Dwyer told NBC New York. “It’s strange. I’m still weirded out.”
Surveillance video from the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 6, showed the Amazon driver dropping off Dwyer’s order in his lobby. It didn’t appear that the worker noticed something was off with one of the packages.
Moments later, Dwyer received a photo from Amazon, confirming that his order was delivered. A closer look at that photo shows the blue handle of the knife sticking out from the left side of the package. One of Dwyer’s neighbors in the building then picked up the package to check if it belonged to them.
“I happen to pick up Jason’s box,” said neighbor Chris Detrizio. “Don’t make no sense. I don’t know, you got me.”

No one was injured by what Dwyer said is an eight-inch knife. Dwyer filed a police report with West New York Police Department and reached out to Amazon to find out how the blade got there.
“It can seem like a joke, but it’s not,” he said.
In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson said that they “take these matters seriously and have reached out to the customer to apologize for this incident. We are working with all parties involved to determine what may have happened.”


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