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Jenna is a Digital Editor for Southern Living and joined the team in 2014. She writes, produces, and assigns content with a focus on email growth and commerce content. She covers a range of topics in the lifestyle space from holiday gift guides to new product launches to tips for cooking with your air fryer.
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We rounded out 2022 by looking back on our favorite Amazon purchases of the year. Now that we’re officially in 2023, we’re looking ahead to the purchases we want to make this year. Whether we saw someone share a new beauty must-have on Instagram or have gift cards to spend, we all have our eye on a couple of purchases to treat ourself to in the new year.

From kitchen gadgets to beauty products to organization tools and more, these are the items that are already in the Amazon carts of Southern Living editors. And these products just may make an appearance on our favorite buys of 2023.
"I’ve been using silicone and stainless steel reusable straws at home for a while, but these glass straws are the upgrade I’m going to treat myself to this year,” says Associate Digital Editor Kaitlyn Yarborough.”They make every drink look luxurious, even if it’s just iced coffee or sweet tea!"

Price at time of publish: $10
“Now that the days are getting longer, I'm looking forward to long walks with a good podcast, “ says Travel & Culture Editor Caroline Rogers. “Cue a pair of earbuds that feel like an upgrade from the default wired pair.”

Price at time of publish: $129
"I recently got a big new sink, and I quickly discovered that there's no where to rest my sponges to dry, besides the counter," says Senior Digital Food Editor Kimberly Holland. "So, I'm going to treat myself to a little sink organizer. It'll blend nicely into the sink and not interfere while I'm washing, but it'll keep the sponges tucked away so they don't just sit in the bottom of the sink all day."

Price at time of publish: $16
"I've been loving the look of these cordless, rechargeable lamps but didn't want to shell out  $300 for a pair of the designer ones," says Homes and Features Editor Betsy Cribb. "I finally pulled the trigger on these at the beginning of the year, and they've been a handsome and functional addition to my desk. Plus, at $64 for two of them, the price really can't be beat. Contemplating ordering more for other spaces in my house, like the powder bathroom or our bar cart."

Price at time of publish: $64
"I am in desperate need of a new can opener after months of struggling with my current model," says Digital Editor Jenna Sims. "A friend recommended this smooth-edge opener that easily removes the whole lid and doesn't leave jagged edges."
Price at time of publish: $12

“I'm also stocking up on my favorite sunscreen because UV protection isn't just for the summer months,” says Rogers.

Price at time of publish: $40
"I've been thinking about this sound machine/alarm clock that promises better sleep," says Assistant General Manager Anna Price Olson. "You can program it with a 'custom sunrise' to wake  you up instead of an annoying, loud alarm. And it works as a reading light at night!"

Price at time of publish: $130
"I'm determined to make this year the year I pull my pantry together," says Senior Special Projects Editor Katie Rousso who's eyeing this set of six glass food storage containers with bamboo lids.

Price at time of publish: $45
"I've been looking for a new hair mask to hopefully help with split ends and strengthen my hair this year," says Sims. "I've seen a lot of people recommend this mask from OUAI and think I'm finally ready to give it a try."

Price at time of publish: $38
"My trusty meat thermometer met an untimely end over the holidays, and I want to replace it with one I know will be reliable for years to come," says Holland. "I've never had a ThermoPro, but I know our Test Kitchens rely on them. Once you start using a meat thermometer to check everything from bread to, well, yes, meat, you'll never want to cook without one."

Price at time of publish: $14

"I received some gift cards for my birthday and I am finally going to get an all-in-one printer for my home that will also print things from my phone and tablets," says Senior Digital News Editor Rebecca Angel Baer.

Price at time of publish: $85
“Hear me out, but this particular chicken salt seasoning keeps calling my name,” says Yarborough. “I’ve heard the best things about the flavor and how versatile it is, and like any Southerner, I like my food well-seasoned. I can’t wait to try it!”

Price at time of publish: $9
Olson is also looking to upgrade her skincare routine and has Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster in her cart. The serum promises to brighten skin, help even skin tone, and fight signs of aging.

Price at time of publish: $55

Rogers also has her eye on Nordic Ware's Quarter Sheet Pans. "There's nothing flashy about this, but if you're cooking for one or two people, the quarter sheet tray is the way to go. So light! So convenient! I may never go back to full size."

Price at time of publish: $22

"I have a lot of silicone trivets, which are fantastic when I'm working with really hot pans right out of the oven, but they aren't really all that pretty to leave sitting around on the counter or on my table when I have people over for a meal," says Holland. "These, however, are so lovely, and I've had my eye on them for a while."

Price at time of publish: $17
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