Rivian van photo tour: Amazon DSP driver on what it's like to drive – About Amazon

About two years ago, I started as a delivery associate driving for Kangaroo Direct, which is an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. We make deliveries for Amazon customers in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I’ve met some great customers as a driver—some recognize me from previous deliveries and have left nice thank you notes and even some snacks on my route.
Recently, one of the coolest parts of my job has been working with the new vans from Rivian. We’ve had them for a few months so I’ve gotten pretty familiar with all the new features. One of the biggest differences between the new vans and the previous models is that they are electric powered. They’re really quiet compared to the gas-powered vans. There are also a lot of new, techy features that help make work a bit easier and safer—I especially love the air-conditioned seats!
Let’s go inside to check out some of the new features.

Learn more about Amazon’s custom electric delivery vans from Rivian.
This article from Monroe was edited for length.


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