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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Weeks after a Sacramento woman began receiving dozens of packages she didn’t order, she is finally seeing results and getting answers.
Connie Mathews reached out to ABC10 a few weeks ago after trying to get postal carriers to stop delivering her the mysterious packages.
“I called attorneys, the post office, and the carriers that were bringing it, and they thought it was funny and then finally, I found out it was Amazon through you guys,” said Mathews. 
At one point, she had an entire trash bin full of the packages.
ABC10 noticed her address was being used as the location to send returns for an Amazon seller without her knowledge. The boxes contained plug-in portable heaters.
“I had over one hundred the first time you came out,” said Mathews.
Over the weeks, her front porch started to look more like a post office and the number of packages grew day after day.
“It is so stressful, because they were piling them up in front of the door – I couldn’t get the screen open and I couldn’t get past all of the junk to walk,” said Mathews.
ABC10 reached out to Amazon for answers. Amazon notified the seller to change the address and arranged a pickup service for the unwanted packages.
“Amazon called me back and they sent someone out to pick up the majority of them that were on the patio and on my porch,” said Mathews. “She said she would call me once a week to see what was there, and they would send someone out.”
ABC10 went back to Mathews’ home this week and she said she is receiving less packages than she did before. Only three packages remain.
“Hopefully, this week will be the last,” she said.
An Amazon spokesperson could not tell us why Mathews’ address was listed for the returns. They said the company will compensate Mathews and donate the heaters that work to a local charity.
“I’m glad it’s almost over,” said Mathews.
If you receive an unsolicited package, Better Business Bureau recommends notifying the retailer’s customer service line and changing your account passwords in case your personal information was compromised.
The bureau also said you are allowed to keep the unordered merchandise. You are protected under federal law.
For more information about what to do with unsolicited packages, visit Better Business Bureau’s website.
Amazon also recommends customers report unsolicited packages.
To reach Amazon Customer Service, click HERE.
Sacramento woman inundated with dozens of mysteriously delivered heaters
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