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In both your personal and professional life, you should exercise caution this week. It's possible that you'd like to take a lot of risks in your professional life. If you aren't careful and strategic, this might get you into problems. Occasionally, you may feel that you and your superiors aren't on the same page. The risks associated with leaving one's current profession should be carefully weighed before making any drastic changes.
Issues at home and the apathy of loved ones can be a source of stress. Share your thoughts with your spouse as their advice will be helpful. Remember the importance of your health and take care of yourself.
They are naturally well-built. Their body structure is beautiful. They may be slightly thick. Their limbs are strong and muscular, and lips are often thick. The head is large, the chest is broad, the throat is usually thick. They suffer from accidents day after day. They may suffer from diseases. They mostly suffer from liver diseases, brochitis, anemia, jaundice, obesity, alcoholism, brain diseases, foot and muscle related diseases.
They keep the poison in their heart by speaking sweetly and using good words. No one can suddenly enter their captivation. Pride, arrogance, and stubbornness are their worst vices. They have a great weakness for cleanliness, familiarity and new clothes and cosmetics. They prefer flattery and boot-licking. They cannot be easily trusted. Their weakness is for delicious food and tobacco products.
They accept people as friends with whom their souls get attached. At times, they speak the unacceptable truth and show frankness in many areas. They stay in friendship and try their best to stay as friends. So they have very few and permanent friends. These are usually cautious. There is a lot of fear in their minds to make enmity with anyone. The fear that they might lose against their enemy keeps them cagey. They behave violently and act audaciously. Even though they can’t do anything, they do a lot of damage indirectly. They become impatient for change of opinion and persuasion with the enemy.
They are mostly advocates, teachers, lecturers, priests, astrologers, finance department, medicine, philosophy, etc to make a living. Booksellers, Journalists, printing houses, magazine editors, grocery stores, tin shops, gold traders, agriculture and other businesses bring them benefit.
They are usually tough minded. There is a conflict, change of opinion with the spouse. However, they communicate with their spouse and try to solve the differences in life for intimacy. Since they are very busy, they rush to perform sexual activities regardless of age, season, or location. Because of this, they are condemned and insulted everywhere. Their married life will be happy if they get married with Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.
Their married life goes through ups and downs due to misunderstandings. Their mind is always restless. People of this zodiac are looking for new bed partners every day. Because of this, they are insulted and rejected from women of all age groups. They think of becoming sanyas in the last days of their life because of the feeling of indifference towards the world.
They are jealous of knowledge, talented and their close relatives. In many cases, jealousy towards others leads to self-harm. As a result, the level of dissatisfaction in the family grows. Create unwanted problems because of a small issue. They keep most of the matters hidden in their mind due to which they are filled with all the bad thoughts.
They are lucky in terms of wealth acquired by their fathers. They also earn a lot of money. Sometimes, they indulge in risky activities to make money. They also make illegal money through lottery or gambling.
They deviate from the goal. Without fear of any obstacle, they try to reach the goal and follow the direction of their own mind and conscience. Their main aim is to bring about reforms in the society during the transition period.

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