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You know why cats are the best, right? They’re mysterious little creatures that always keep us guessing, but they’re also the ultimate cuddle buddies. And let’s be real, they can be total goofballs too. But, when you’re lucky enough to have a little furball of your own, you want to give them the world. And what better way to do that than with some awesome treats and toys? And, one of the best-selling cat toys on Amazon is only $5 right now!
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Made from a lightweight and durable plastic material, Cat Crazies by Fat Cat are sent on an erratic bounce path when batted and thrown around. Your cat can slide, flip, roll, bite, or carry them. Designed to spark the imagination of your naturally curious kitty, Cat Crazies flip and bounce unpredictably to your cat’s amusement as they bat their paw at their brightly colored plastic shapes. For the most fun, try using them on a smooth floor instead of carpet.
Fat Cat Cat Crazies Interactive Cat Toy $4.99
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Playing with toys allows cats to engage in natural behaviors such as chasing, stalking, and pouncing, which can help to keep their muscles strong and their joints flexible. Cat toys also provide mental stimulation and help to prevent boredom and reduce stress and anxiety. When indoor cats do not have toys to play with, that is when they supplement their playful instincts with anything they can find around the house — curtains, toes, shoelaces, etc. — and that can be destructive to you and your home and dangerous for your kitty!
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Does your cat love playing with milk bottle rings or hair ties? Cat Crazies are like those, but actually safe for your kitty. One pet parent on Amazon raves that her cat will “bring them to me when he wants to play fetch, [because] these are easy for him to carry around.” She adds, He’ll bat them under the door if I’m in the bathroom. I’ll scoot it back out from under the door and it’s a game.” Another selling point? “They don’t hurt if you step on them barefoot.”
Plus, your cat won’t get bored with this toy. “My cat doesn’t like most toys but weeks after buying these she will still spontaneously start batting these around and playing on her own,” says one happy shopper. “They will bend if you step on them but they can be pulled back in shape. She likes the texture and rubs her face on them.”
As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to prioritize your cat’s physical and mental well-being through play. Offering a range of toys and playtime activities not only keeps them healthy, but also brings them joy. And for just $5, Cat Crazies is a great no-brainer to provide endless entertainment for your feline friend!
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The only thing better for our cats than an interactive toy is a catnip-filled one! But instead of choosing one of the other, why don’t we combine them in a $4 toy that thousands of Amazon shoppers say their cats adore? No, we’re not kidding; it’s an actual toy you can buy now on Amazon […]
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