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Shopping for interior decor adds up fast whether you’ve got your eye on one statement piece or are looking to fill a room with items to make your new space feel like yours. One TikToker has found a low-key hidden Amazon hack that commenters are calling “life-changing,” and it could help you save majorly on home goodies going forward.
TikTok user and design pro Drew Scott (aka @lonefoxhome) recently shared the hack with his followers, explaining how easy it can be to find items similar to what you’re eyeing and then save some money. “Let’s say you’re shopping online and you come across something that you’re absolutely obsessed with,” he says pointing to a pricey lamp. You’ll simply screenshot the item, and head to the Amazon app. In the search bar, you’ll spot a square with a circle inside it next to the voice function — you’ll simply upload the screenshot into Amazon’s StyleSnap feature. The app will then populate items that look similar to your screenshot, so you can browse more affordable options for whatever it is you’re coveting.
Another cool feature: The ability to take a photo of something around you — say, a cool accessory at your friend’s house or a piece of furniture at a decor store — and StyleSnap will find similar (but possibly more budget-friendly) items on Amazon. Scott notes that the feature also works with clothing.
In the comments section of his post, several fans pointed out that you can do the same with Google by right-clicking any image in your web browser and choosing Google Lens. You’ll then see a shopping tab, which will populate similar items found across the internet, not just on Amazon.
Of course, some pointed out the inherent issues with shopping this way, such as quality control and the potential for the work of smaller businesses/artisans being copied for cheap, so as with any online purchase, you’ll want to do your research to ensure you’re shopping as ethically as you can. That said, you never know what treasures might uncover — saving some money is merely the cherry on top here.
Arielle Tschinkel
Arielle Tschinkel is a freelance pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared on,,, Insider, HelloGiggles, and more. She loves all things Disney and is making her way to every park around the world, and is a die-hard Britney Spears fan for life. She’s also obsessed with her Bernedoodle, Bruce Wayne.
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