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Undoubtedly, Twitch is one of the most controversial and used live streaming services for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. Every now and then, it remains in the news. Be it its creators or the platform itself, it always manages to sweep a lot of attention from the netizens. Recently, Maya Twitch is going viral on the streaming service and along with her, other creators including Mizkif and Trainwreck have also gained attention. Without any ado, let us find out everything about the matter in the article below.
Maya Twitch

According to reports, several circulated on social media about Twitch partner SlikeR. On September 18, it started surfacing that SlikeR has betrayed the viewers, his friends, and other streamers for a span of two years. Earlier it looked like a false rumor but everyone was surprised when they came to know that it was true. Yes, SlikeR himself came to the front and admitted that he has scammed people with his severe gambling addiction. After the, some of Twitch’s popular creators such as Mizkif and Pokimane called on the service platform to ban gambling.
While many streamers came forward and supported the idea, it was criticized by several others. Trainwreck, the Twitch streamer and a regular, took to Twitter to slam the creators supporting the idea of ​​banning gambling from the platform. It all started with Mizkif posting a controversial tweet where she wrote that if they are going to deplatform people for scamming others should not they have banned Trainwreck for jolt coin a few years back. Replying to the same, Trainwreck wrote that if she is going to send Maya and Mitch to the railroad and blackmail him like she did those girls to cover up all those sexual assaults.
Trainwreck went on to call Mizkif a “f*****g scum bag piece of shit” and wrote further that she better be sure that she does not live in a glass house you insecure p****. The tweets have gained a lot of engagement in a short course of time. It has been going viral on Twitter and sweeping the attention of the general public. The gambling issue came to light after Asmongold called it a disgrace that Twitch did not ban SlikeR after news of his actions broke. Let us tell you that Mizkif has deleted her tweet. Stay connected with Social Telecast to get more of such latest updates and news.


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