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The author is the founder of The Logical Astrologer.
Everybody wants to get rid of that “Raste ka pathar” [hurdle] from their fate in order to become successful, famous, wealthy, or what not. There are lot many remedies in the world of astrology and one of which itself is a “pathar” the gemstones. Even Thanos strongly believed in it. All Avenger movie fans knows it how desperately he was looking for infinity stones and used them in order to change his destiny along with the entire universe’s. Well, that was in reel world but in real world too we do seek gemstones in order to change our fate. 
Everyone is a King or a Queen of their own kingdom and feels what they do is always right. And often they think why the path to success is so difficult. That is when to remove any obstruction or get extra power we start looking for the right gemstone to align our stars.
But do gemstones really work? What is the logic behind it? Let us understand by an example. Suppose, if a student is unable to study in his room and he/she feels distracted there then one would suggest to study in the library. It is surrounded by books and studious people hence the sum of mental energies is directed towards study and less distraction. But would studying in the library ensure success in examinations? NO. In fact, the majority of people do not go to the library but still top the examinations. But does that mean that going to the library is a waste of time? Of Course not. The same principle is applicable to precious stones remedy.
For instance, Jupiter, the biggest planet, saves us from asteroids. Had it not been there, life would not have evolved. Its energy is considered to be protective. Jupiter is perceived to be yellow in color from Earth. So, it was conceived that if something is yellow in color then it shall protect us. Hence yellow sapphire stone, Pukhraj, is prescribed to strengthen Jupiter related qualities and Jupiter governed sectors shown by your Horoscope. But just like the placement of Jupiter in our solar system is not random similarly nothing is general in astrology. One can wear stones only when they are conducive as per your kundli.
Often you must have heard wearing pearl helps in dealing with anger issues. Pearl is corelated with Moon which affects water element thereby quelling fire elements in the body i.e., anger. But here is the catch one should not wear pearl on their own as nothing is illogical in astrology. One can wear stone only when they are conducive as per your kundli. If the Moon is in the 6th or 8th house and not ascendent /lagan friendly then pearl cannot be recommended. Also, all the ladies wearing diamond all the time might not be beneficial as it depends upon Venus’s position in the kundli.
You won’t see Elon Musk wearing stones but still he is the richest on the other hand Amitabh Bachchan wears blue sapphire and he is one of the successful actors. So, stones do not make you successful but will give you an environment of positivity just like the library example quoted earlier.
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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